Is Early Marriage Useful Or Dangerous?

Have you ever asked yourself, is early marriage useful or dangerous? And if I accept marriage at an early age, is this better for me, or if I am a little late getting married, is this the best?

People often ask about marriage of women and men. Is it beneficial to their health and their bodies, or does it affect family life because of the immaturity of husband and wife?

1- What is the best age to marry?

Doctors disagree about the best age for a girl's marriage. Some support childbirth or early marriage before the age of 20, while others oppose it. Their view is the best age to give birth after the age of twenty and not more than thirty-five years.

2. What are the benefits of early marriage for girls and boys?
Many opinions today begin to show early marriage preference because of its benefits to the girl's body. It regulates the menstrual cycle, regulates the body's hormones, while finding that longer periods between the arrival of the girl and the onset of labor undergo hormonal changes that make them more vulnerable than other diseases. Dangerous

3 - What is the wedding details too late?
It was found that if labor is delayed in women aged over 30 years stumble the circumstances of pregnancy and childbirth and increase the proportion of diseases between births. And Dr. Peter Medor, one of those who supported early marriage before the age of twenty, believed that giving the body a natural immunity to breast cancer.

4 - The need for early marriage and mind maturity:

If we refer to the importance of early marriage, this does not make us forget another very important aspect is the attainment of a rational adult girl. Not allowed to be a daughter or a mother before her age. Dr. Peter also believes that the rational majority age begins at this time for the sixteen-year-old girl, which makes her eligible to marry from this age.

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