The Amazing Benefits Of Guava Leaf

It seems that the benefits of dried fruit are not only delicious, but the cashew leaves have many health benefits and amazing,

What benefits does cashew leaf have as a traditional treatment for centuries in countries like Mexico and some parts of South America?

1. Prevention of diarrhea
According to a study published in the journal The Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo, guava leaf extract inhibits the development of certain types of bacteria that have an important role in the incidence of diarrhea.
Cashew leaf tea with diarrhea can also help:

Less stomach pain.
Reduce the amount of liquid waste.
Accelerate the healing process.
For best results in cases of diarrhea, the patient is advised to add a cashew leaf to a cup of boiling water, then filter the water from the leaves and drink the liquid produced on an empty stomach.

2. Lower cholesterol
According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, drinking guava tea helps participants lower their cholesterol levels after 8 weeks of regularity.

3 - Diabetic control
In Japan, for example, the Japanese government has approved the guava leaf tea as an effective treatment for diabetes prevention and treatment. It helps regulate blood sugar levels after eating by stimulating the absorption of sugar in the body.

According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, tea leaf has a role in producing many enzymes that convert carbohydrates during digestion into glucose, which may play a role in slowing the rate of high blood glucose levels.

4. Weight loss
Guava leaves can help prevent complex carbohydrates from turning into sugar, which accelerates the process of excess weight loss. It is advisable to drink guava tea regularly every day for best results.

5. Against cancer
According to some doctors, guava leaf can help reduce the chances of cancer, especially breast, prostate and oral cancer. This is due to the high content of guava leaves from antioxidants called lycopene.

Several studies have shown that lycopene plays a major role in reducing the likelihood of cancer in general.

6 - Cough and cold medication
Guava leaves contain high levels of vitamin C and iron, so guava leaf tea is ideal for:

  • Treatment of cough
  • Relieve cold symptoms.
  • Relieve the accumulation of sputum.
  • Sterilization of the respiratory tract and lungs and clearance of the infection.

7. Get rid of acne
Because of the high vitamin C content, guava leaves help fight and eliminate acne, while chewing the leaves and placing it directly on top of the pimples.

8. Improve skin appearance
Guava fruit is known to have astringent properties, but guava leaves have more skin-holding properties than fruit! Therefore, the use of boiled guava leaves after adjusting the temperature on the facial skin, helps capture the muscles and tighten the skin and unify the appearance.

9. Prevent hair loss
If you suffer from hair loss, boil guava leaves, let the resulting liquid a little to slightly warm, then massage the scalp with it.

10. Stop toothache
According to some experts, guava leaves have anti-bacterial properties and inflammation, which helps them maintain healthy mouth and teeth.

It is possible to grind the leaves, and their pasta works are applied directly to the pain position in the mouth, this helps ease the pain felt by the wounded.

11. Improve the quality of sleep
According to some specialists, eating guava leaf tea helps improve sleep quality, as it helps to relax and calm the nerves.

12. Strengthen the immune system
Guava leaves are generally helpful if regular tea is consumed to improve the health of the immune system and reduce the chance of infection.

13. alleviate the problem of the digestive system
Guava leaves help to overcome gastrointestinal problems because of their ability to reduce mucus secretions that can disrupt the digestive system in some cases and help prevent the growth of bad bacteria in the gut because of their anti-bacterial properties.

14. Additional benefits
This is a collection of other guava leaves benefits:

  • Improve the health of demand devices.
  • Improve brain function.
  • Get rid of blackheads, rub with cashew leaves with little heat.
  • Relieve insect bite symptoms, apply pasta paste directly to the infection area.
  • Help in case of fertility problems in men.

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