Tongue Problem: Indicator of Body Health From Within

The tongue can be a useful measure of the internal health of the body, it can be a powerful indicator to see what is going on inside the body, this is the method of inference of the tongue problem to see the body's problems from within.

Tongue color

WHITE COLOR: When the tongue is white, it is due to excessive smoking, irritation due to tobacco consumption, or early cancer. If there are white spots on the tongue, they may appear due to yeast infection.

Red color: If the tongue color is very red, this is evidence of vitamin B12 deficiency or folic acid, or because of the type of inflammation.

Blue or purple: This may indicate circulatory problems or serious weakness in some areas of the digestive system.

Yellow: Bacteria can grow on the tongue due to many things such as smoking, mild dehydration, fever or excessive breathing from the mouth due to nasal congestion.

Tongue swelling

Sudden swelling of the tongue is usually a sign of an allergic reaction, or because of vitamin B12 deficiency or iron deficiency.

Hairy tongue

This condition develops gradually, starting with simple tumors and bacteria, this condition worsens to make the tongue become dark. This is common in people with poor dental hygiene, who receive chemotherapy, or in diabetics.

Tongue swelling

Cereal appears on the tongue because of ulcers that occur as a result of eating certain types of food along with stress and allergies.

It is advisable to pay attention to oral hygiene and follow up with your doctor if there are any abnormalities in the tongue.

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